Gift Exchange Game

Gift Exchange Game

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Handmade wooden die with laminated playing card so you can reuse year after year!  This game adds so much fun to your gift swaps, gift exchanges, White Elephant, or Dirty Santa games!



Oversized die measures 31/2 inches by 31/2 inches. Fun for ALL ages!! FAST SHIPPING! 

How to play: Each person rolls the die and does what the card instructs with the gift based on what number you role. For example if the first person rolls a 3 that person is instructed by the card to steal someone’s gift. The next person rolls the die and they roll a 2. The card then instructs for everyone to pass their gift to the person to their right. Keep going and doing what the card says based off of what number you roll until everyone has rolled. HAVE FUN!!

*Please note that die is made with wood and may contain knots, splits, or other natural occurring things for wood.