About Us

Hi! Niki & Michael Hatten here. We started Pine Level Rustics several years ago when we had recently moved and needed LOTS of new decor. I searched and searched for the PERFECT dining table that I had dreamed up in my head. Unfortunately, it didn't exist. I just couldn't find that perfect table and didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on something that wasn't perfect. So I started convincing Michael to build me that perfect table I had dreamed up!! He finally agreed! hehe! 

Y'all! He built me the most BEAUTIFUL table that was everything I had dreamed up and so much more! He was in trouble then because I saw a new amazing talent in him that I didn't know was there! So of course he built EVERYTHING for our house. 

I LOVE sharing about things that I like. So of course I posted on Facebook all the cool things I would come up with that he would bring to life for our home. From there Pine Level Rustics kinda started itself because everyone wanted to buy everything right off our walls! haha

We are so thankful and blessed by all of our amazing customers. PLR has grown into something way more than we could have ever dreamed and it is because of you!